Tunisia: An Interview With Myriam Bribri

Blogger and Activist Myriam Bribri - Tunisia vs. Myriam Bribri


At the appeal hearing of blogger and activist Myriam Bribri, her defence team used TrialWatch’s Fairness Report to demonstrate that her trial violated her right to freedom of expression.

TrialWatch also released a video ahead of her appeal in which Bribri discussed the motivations behind her prosecution. TrialWatch monitored Bribri’s case from the courtroom. In 2022 she was convicted of “offending security officials” for reposting and commenting on a video depicting police brutality and given a 4-month prison sentence and fined 500 Dinars. At the 2023 appeal hearing where our report was quoted, her conviction was requalified by the Court meaning she would no longer serve time in prison.

TrialWatch helped in taking my case beyond the local Tunisian context and making it more of a regional and international case. This exerted….adverse pressure on the authorities

Myriam Bribri Blogger and Activist