Clooney Foundation for Justice: Espionage Charges Against Former RFA Journalists Must Be Dismissed
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Clooney Foundation for Justice Statement on the trial of seven members of the Peacock Generation Troupe in Myanmar
Clooney Foundation for Justice Statement on the Anniversary of the Arrest of Two Former Radio Free Asia Journalists Tried for Espionage in Cambodia
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Fairness Report Released: Trial Monitoring of People v. Cansu Piskin

Between March and May 2019, TrialWatch monitors under the supervision of the Columbia Law School Human Rights Clinic monitored the trial of Cansu Pişkin, a journalist for the Turkish daily paper, Evrensel, in Istanbul, Turkey. Pişkin was charged with “making a public servant into a target for terrorist organizations” in violation of Section 6(1) of Law No. 3713, otherwise known as the Anti-Terror Law, for publishing the prosecutor’s name in her April 5, 2018 article, “Special Prosecutor for the Bosphorus Students.” On May 7, 2019, the Court convicted Pişkin and sentenced her to 10 months’ imprisonment (with the sentence pronouncement deferred for a period of five years). Ambassador Stephen J. Rapp assigned this trial a grade of D.

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TrialWatch conducts trial monitoring worldwide in cases that present a significant risk of injustice and advocacy to redress injustices that are identified.

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The Sentry

We support the work of The Sentry, who follows dirty money and builds cases focusing on the corrupt transnational networks most responsible for Africa’s deadliest conflicts.

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The Docket

We are developing The Docket to facilitate accountability for corporate complicity in atrocity crimes.

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The Marginalized

We partner with a variety of organizations to advance and protect the rights of the vulnerable.

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