Where We Work

All over the world, journalists and defenders of democracy are detained, prosecuted and jailed. Women and girls, LGBTQ+ people and minorities are subject to unfair laws and targeted for abuse. Meanwhile, the perpetrators walk free. George and Amal Clooney created the Clooney Foundation for Justice to combat this: by waging justice, one case at a time.

TrialWatch now operates in more than 35 countries, monitoring trials against those who are most vulnerable — including journalists, protesters, women, LGBTQ+ persons and minorities — and advocates for the rights of the unfairly convicted. Until TrialWatch there was no comprehensive global program scrutinizing the courts of the world.

The Docket team gathers evidence to trigger prosecutions and civil actions against those involved in international crimes and represents victims in their pursuit of justice. Its projects cover the Middle East, the Democratic Republic of Congo, southern Sudan, Venezuela, Syria, and European jurisdictions where businesses and individuals complicit in international crimes seek shelter.

Waging Justice for Women is in its pilot phase, and is focusing on jurisdictions and human rights issues arising in Africa. Data shows that Africa-related cases are heard less frequently at UN human rights bodies than cases involving other regions. Regional human rights courts and commissions operate across the continent but the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights has only been issuing judgments since 2009.