There is no system of justice to respond to mass abuse and slaughter. So we must wage justice with the creativity and determination needed to win a war. We combine on-the-ground investigations, trial monitoring, litigation and advocacy to bring perpetrators to justice and promote the rule of law.

Amal and George Clooney with other panelists at the TrialWatch conference


We monitor criminal trials against the most vulnerable to free the innocent and advocate for the reform of unfair laws and judicial systems.

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The Docket

We gather evidence to prosecute those who commit mass atrocities and represent victims in court.

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Waging Justice for Women

We fight to overturn laws that discriminate against women and girls, while investing in the future generation of gender justice champions.

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Tables showing the Clooney Foundation for Justice's mapping tool 'Justice Beyond Borders' during the launch event of this project at The Hague

Across our work, we engage in advocacy to ensure the successful initiation and development of legal action as well as long-lasting systemic change. We use a variety of legal tools to have decisions overturned, laws changed, and to defend vulnerable people.

The panel of speakers at the TrialWatch Conference with George and Amal Clooney

We target decision-makers in national governments, international bodies, and the corporate world to press for legal and policy reforms that strengthen accountability.