We represent the interests of victims in prosecutions and civil actions against those who commit or aid international crimes, work with national or international prosecutors to help fill evidential gaps for cases to be triggered. We collaborate with law firms and private sector experts to file cases and represent victims.

The Docket’s legal experts determine which forum will provide the best path to justice and how to support survivors in pursuing criminal trials and civil remedies.

Evidence Against Antiquities Looters

Three networks of illegal antiquities smugglers and dealers were the subject of a year-long investigation by our team. We’ve now shared the evidence we gathered showed the networks’ alleged complicity in war crimes by ISIS and other armed groups in the Middle East with a European war crimes prosecution office.

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Taking Action Against Conflict Gold in the DRC

In a team effort with The Sentry, we successfully supported prosecutors in a European jurisdiction in the opening of a criminal investigation into international crimes by a major European company involved in trading gold from the Great Lakes region in Africa.

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Pursuing Perpetrators of Crimes Against Humanity in Darfur

REUTERS/Zohra Bensemra

In June 2005, against the backdrop ongoing conflict in Darfur, the ICC Prosecutor decided to open an investigation into Darfur following their assessment of the admissibility of the situation to the Court.

In 2020-2021 CFJ Co-President Amal Clooney represented 126 Darfuri victims of Mr. Kushayb’s alleged crimes and acted as their appointed Legal Representative before the International Criminal Court.  She did so in collaboration with lawyers from the Docket who co-represented the victims in the case and, together with experts from the Sentry, led outreach efforts with the survivor community. In July 2021, Pre-Trial Chamber II of the ICC issued a decision confirming all charges brought by the Prosecutor against the suspect, with the trial expected to begin in April 2022.  Ms Clooney now acts as the Special Adviser to the Prosecutor of the ICC on Darfur.

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