A protester with red painted hands and inscription "Iran" takes part outside the Iranian Consulate during the demonstration.


Shape of Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran relentlessly represses even the most basic human rights, in violation of international law. The oppressive regime robs women of their freedoms, cracks down on journalism, and puts protesters in jail or even executes them for expressing any form of dissent.

Iranian newspaper covers with the face of Masha Amina on them.

Mahsa Amini

On September 16, 2022, Mahsa Amini died in police custody at the age of 22. The authorities arrested her for allegedly breaking the country’s strict hijab rules. Her death led to the eruption of large-scale protests across the country and the world, with demonstrators demanding freedom, women’s rights, and the fall of the dictatorial regime.

I’m in awe of the courage demonstrated by Iranian women and girls who are bravely fighting for their freedom, and the men supporting them. Government forces determined to silence a whole generation of Iranian girls should be held to account for their inhumane treatment of half of the population of their country

Amal Clooney Co-Founder, Clooney Foundation For Justice

The Clooney Foundation for Justice has condemned the Iranian regime’s ruthless targeting and unlawful killing of women and girls and announced that it stands in solidarity with the brave protesters who continue to fight for their freedom. CFJ also called for an independent investigation into ongoing human rights violations in the country to ensure the people abused, killed, and detained see justice.