We know our job does not stop with the publication of a statement or report. We owe it to the people whose rights have been violated to rally support and help them challenge harsh or unfair sentences.

During trials, we have demanded an end to violations such as arbitrary detention, and have also signaled to the authorities the proceedings are being watched and will be discussed on the world stage. For instance, we urged the release of Omoyele Sowore, who was being detained in Nigeria despite a court order releasing him on bail. He was then set free pending trial.

After unfair trials, we have taken cases to UN bodies, intervened before regional courts, and supported domestic appeals through amicus curiae briefs.

We also make sure victims know their rights and what they can do themselves to achieve justice by working with them and their families.

Global Outlook

In some cases, we also:

  • fund representation to assist a defendant in pursuing justice in regional or international human rights courts; and
  • provide small grants to individuals with drastic needs relating to personal or cyber security.

Our approach is not limited to individual cases.  We are fighting for world-wide, systematic change and ultimately will release a Global Justice Ranking™, an index documenting national courts’ adherence to human rights and fair trial standards.

Deep Dives

The systems of justice that are supposed to protect people against abuses of power are too often turned instead into instruments of repression.  As well as individual cases, we monitor abusive laws and procedures to paint a clearer picture of what is happening: