The Docket Projects

We carefully select our cases based on the gravity, nature, and scale of abuse and where we think we will be able to effectively gather enough evidence for criminal prosecution or to trigger other legal action against the perpetrators, and if the evidence would be strong enough to stand up in international courts?

Crucially, we also ask whether survivors want to pursue justice and take part in the process in a meaningful way. At the heart of all of our work is justice for survivors and accountability for perpetrators.

Picking Our Projects

In selecting cases, we consider the following factors:


  • Gravity, nature, and scale of abuse
  • Potential to generate evidence for criminal prosecution or trigger other legal or regulatory action against those responsible
  • Feasibility of collecting sufficient evidence through field investigations and other means (e.g. in light of access and security considerations)
  • Availability of judicial forum for accountability
  • Survivors’ willingness to pursue justice and their ability to meaningfully participate in the process
  • The Docket’s resources, available expertise, and value-added.