The Docket Justice for Victims of Mass Atrocities

The Docket was created to help make justice for survivors of mass atrocities a reality. Despite mass atrocities being more visible than ever – perpetrators still go unpunished. The traditional tools of “naming and shaming” are no longer enough as increasingly those who commit these crimes are without shame. The Docket team gathers evidence to trigger prosecutions and civil actions against those involved in international crimes and represents victims in their pursuit of justice.

Genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes are being committed across the globe without any legal consequences. In too many places, perpetrators and their enablers have no fear of facing justice in a court of law and are often impervious to naming and shaming. Even when perpetrators of mass atrocities face justice, their accomplices – including international corporations – remain largely immune from prosecution. 

The Docket wants to make sure individuals and corporations complicit in international crimes face justice.

What We Do

We created the Docket to make justice for survivors of mass atrocities a reality.

Anya Neistat

The Docket pursues perpetrators and enablers of international crimes through the courts and supports survivors as they seek justice. We gather evidence for investigations to be triggered and to represent victims and their families. We do this by:

Identifying opportunities to bring perpetrators of international crimes to justice by assessing prospects for cases before international courts or under ‘universal jurisdiction’ and similar laws.

Working with national or international prosecutors to help fill evidential gaps for cases to be triggered.

Collaborating with private sector experts, NGOs and other partners, law firms, and lawyers to file cases and represent victims.

Working with law students and local actors who can make systemic change possible in the long term.

Our teams are working on several projects, from investigating possible war crimes committed in Ukraine to helping survivors in the DRC.

Our Projects

How We Do It

We believe that those who perpetrate or facilitate international crimes, including business actors, can and should be held to account. Our combination of on-the-ground investigation, open source analysis, and strategic litigation means we can wage justice for survivors no matter where they are. Learn more about or methods below.

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