Region: Latin America

Number of Trials: 1

Kenia Hernández

In Mexico, TrialWatch is monitoring proceedings against indigenous land rights lawyer and activist Kenia Hernández, who is facing multiple charges at both the federal and state levels.

Kenia Hernández

In a case being monitored by CFJ’s partner the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights as part of TrialWatch, Ms. Hernández was convicted of aggravated robbery based on allegations that she robbed two people while participating in a demonstration at a toll both.  The case was brought against a backdrop of “machismo culture” in Mexico, where women human rights defenders often face “intimidation and threats,” as well as in the context of structural discrimination against indigenous peoples. Both UN experts and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights have called on Mexico to take steps to address these insidious and often intersectional forms of discrimination, the effects of which have been evident throughout Ms. Hernández’ trial.

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