Algeria: Blogger and Human Rights Activist Acquitted

Ahmed Manseri, an Algerian blogger and human rights activist, was acquitted after TrialWatch monitored his trial. Mr. Manseri was charged with criminal defamation after he filed a criminal complaint alleging police abuse. His trial, graded a “D” by TrialWatch, was one of the first cases to be monitored by an international organization in Algeria in years.

The monitor reported “that the treatment of Mr. Manseri’s case differed significantly from the treatment of any other case heard that day” in that the judge took the time to ensure that Mr. Manseri’s rights were respected. And Mr. Manseri’s lawyer told CFJ that he doubted Mr. Manseri would have been allowed to go home but for the presence of the monitor.

The judicial harassment he experienced through the proceedings and the threat of further such action led him to temporarily flee the country, a significant harm.

TrialWatch Report