Justice for Survivors

Thousands of people around the world are being displaced by war, seeing their family members killed, and their communities and cultures ransacked for profit that is then funneled into buying yet more weapons and funding armed groups. We work to expose the corruption that fuels grave human rights violations.

Defending the Victims

Justice means fighting for the rights of survivors to see those responsible for the death and destruction that forced them from their homes held accountable, whether it is in their own communities, through domestic courts, or on the international stage. The return of cultural artifacts looted and sold for profit is also an essential part of making sure communities ravaged by war are able to rebuild. 


Pursuing the Perpetrators

Armed groups, international corporations, and oppressive governments all play a part in perpetuating the corruption that gives way to human rights abuses. Pursuing international groups that might be out of reach of communities struggling to survive is an essential step on the road to true justice.