Alex Bailin

Alex Bailin KC

Legal Expert

Alex Bailin KC is a fair trial specialist with an international practice. His work centers on criminal justice and human rights in a variety of settings. He has worked on numerous death row appeals from Caribbean jurisdictions. He has submitted Amicus briefs in the US Supreme Court on Guantanamo Bay litigation. He has taken cases to the European Court of Human Rights from a wide variety of jurisdictions, including the UK, France, Ukraine, and Russia.

He has been involved in UK Supreme Court cases involving extra-territoriality of human rights protection, detention without trial, anti-terrorist powers, extradition, and compensation for miscarriages of justice. His international work has involved torture, rendition, diplomatic immunity, and genocide. He was briefed in the Litvinenko Inquiry and has a media law practice which intersects with his criminal work. He enjoys an unusually diverse client base and welcomes working with teams from diverse jurisdictions.

Alex Bailin

I enjoy working with an unusually diverse client base and welcome working with teams from diverse jurisdictions