Dr. Demetra Sorvatzioti

Dr. Demetra Fr. Sorvatzioti (PhD) is a Greek citizen who is an Associate Professor in the Law Department of the University of Nicosia. She currently is conducting research at Queen’s University, Faculty of Law, in Canada. This research focuses on evidence at the International Criminal Court. Dr. Sorvatzioti has extensive trial experience both in continental and common law systems. In Nicosia, she is the Associate Head of the Department of Law and directs the Institute of Criminal Studies and Criminology. Dr. Sorvatzioti is a member of the advisory board of Fair Trials International (FTI) and a member of the Crime Policy board of the Ministry of Justice in Cyprus. She is an official collaborator with the International Centre of Comparative Criminology (CiCC) at the University of Μontreal, and a Trial Watch Expert for the Clooney Foundation for Justice. Her expertise is comparative criminal law, evidence, and criminology. She has published in the areas of criminal law and evidence, sentencing, social exclusion, human rights and fair trials.