Flag of Algeria

Update: TrialWatch® Monitoring in Algeria

The Clooney Foundation for Justice’s TrialWatch® project works with partners to monitor criminal cases that pose a high risk of human rights violations. Recently, Algerian activist Ahmed Manseri, who headed an independent organization documenting human rights violations in Algeria, was criminally prosecuted in connection with his claim that he was tortured by the Algerian police. While Manseri was acquitted, our partners at the American Bar Association Center for Human Rights documented numerous violations of international fair trial standards during the proceedings. Mr. Manseri now faces additional criminal charges and has fled the country. His attorney has also been charged and has allegedly been beaten and detained by security forces. CFJ will continue to monitor proceedings like Mr. Manseri’s in order to expose violations of international fair trial standards and efforts to use judicial proceedings to legitimize human rights abuses.

Update as of July 24, 2019: Full TrialWatch Fairness Report on Ahmed Manseri’s case was released.