Parit Chiwarak and Arnon Nampa

Human Rights Lawyer Arrested Again As Thailand Declares State of Emergency

TrialWatch, a Clooney Foundation for Justice initiative, has been monitoring criminal proceedings against Arnon Nampa and other pro-democracy activists in Thailand. Arnon Nampa has been charged with a variety of serious offenses for his participation in anti-monarchy protests.

After first trying to use unlawful bail conditions to prevent him from exercising his right to peaceful assembly, and then proceeding with treason charges against him, the Thai authorities have now flown him from Bangkok to Chiang Mai to face yet another set of charges, for which he was just denied bail. At the same time, Thai authorities are imposing draconian new restrictions on protests nationwide that have severe implications for the rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression.  CFJ calls on the Thai authorities to respect Arnon Nampa and his co-accused’s human rights, including the right to counsel.