Protesters demanding the end of government repression and the withdrawal of the emergency law in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

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A member of the Frontline Socialist Party getting detained by police officers on the way to a protest in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Trial of 53 Protesters

TrialWatch is monitoring the trials of opposition figures and protesters, including a case against 53 protesters who were arrested in June 2020 during a Black Lives Matter protest organized by the Front-Line Socialist Party. The protesters were charged with violating the quarantine law in place at the time.

This trial is ongoing.

Workers disinfect a COVID-19 victim's body in a cardboard coffin before cremation during the COVID-19 pandemic in Sri Lanka.

Ramzy Razeek

TrialWatch is also monitoring the trial of blogger Ramzy Razeek who was arrested in April 2020 for criticizing a government policy requiring cremation of those who died of COVID-19, contrary to Islamic tradition. He was charged under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights Act for advocating “national, racial, or religious hatred that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence” and faces up to 10 years imprisonment.

This trial is ongoing.