Hong Kong

Shape of Hong Kong

TrialWatch is documenting the escalating crackdown on journalism and democracy in Hong Kong, including through the use of the 2020 National Security Law (NSL) and Hong Kong’s colonial-era sedition law.

Security forces stand outside the High Court in Hong Kong


TrialWatch monitored a key trial against democracy leaders, known as the Democracy 15, based on their participation in a 2019 protest; the trial of Tong Ying kit, which is first case under the new NSL; the trial of journalist Bao Choy for accessing a government database to identify vehicles at the scene of an attack on pro-democracy protesters; and the trial of Tam tak Chi, the first case filed under the sedition law in 50 years.

On the basis of this extensive monitoring, TrialWatch made a submission to the UN Human Rights Committee in connection with its review of Hong Kong’s human rights record, where the Committee called on Hong Kong to repeal both the NSL and the sedition law.