Become a Trial Monitor

If you are interested in becoming a trial monitor, please fill out the below form and upload the necessary documents.


A trial monitor must:

  • Be over 18 years of age;
  • Be of high character; and
  • Be able to speak and work in at least one of the UN languages (English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Russian or Chinese).

Please submit a resume (CV), two references (with contact information for the reference), a writing sample, and a brief cover letter highlighting your relevant experience, if any, in:

  • monitoring trials for fairness and compliance with local and/or international standards
  • domestic criminal law;
  • international law, particularly international human rights law;
  • comparative law, particularly comparative criminal law;
  • any local or national jurisdictions in which you are familiar with local practice and procedures;
  • investigative journalism or human rights documentation;
  • supporting marginalized communities, including racial, ethnic, religious, and other minorities, to assert their rights or seek accountability for violations; and
  • supporting journalists, lawyers, and other human rights defenders to assert their rights or seek accountability for violations, particularly their rights to a fair trial or fundamental freedoms.