Mark B. Taylor

Mark B. Taylor is Senior Analyst with the Foundation’s Docket initiative where he leads work on corporate accountability. For two decades, Mark has conducted research and investigation into conflict and post-conflict transitions and advised governments, civil society, trade unions, and companies on the theory and practice of responsible business. Before joining the Foundation, he held research and management positions at the Fafo Institute for Labour and Social Research, Oslo, where his subjects ranged from commercial enablers of international crimes, business and human rights, and sustainability in global value chains. Mark is a member of the expert group of the Corporate Crimes and Human Rights Project, sits on the advisory council of the Investors Alliance for Human Rights, and was a member of the government-appointed committee in Norway on supply chain transparency. Mark regularly lectures at the university level and his most recent publication is War Economies and International Law: Regulating the Economic Activities of Violent Conflict (Cambridge, 2021). Mark holds a B.A. from McGill University, Montreal, an LL.M from Leiden University in the Netherlands and a PhD from the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo.