Businesses Complicit in the Looting of Conflict Antiquities in the Middle East

The destruction and plunder of cultural heritage in the Middle East is being committed on a scale not seen since World War II.  Such pillage robs communities of their history and undermines prospects for post-conflict economic recovery. Funds generated from the antiquities trade are also used by armed groups to purchase weapons, recruit and compensate members, and support their violent operations.  Indeed, for ISIS, looted antiquities have reportedly become one of its main sources of revenue.

Yet the global illegal trade in antiquities is a crime that usually goes undetected, unreported, uninvestigated, and unprosecuted. By collecting evidence to trigger cases against those complicit in pillaging cultural heritage, The Docket strives to cut off conflict antiquities as a source of conflict financing. We support or trigger prosecutions against antiquities dealers who are complicit in war crimes and represent victims of these crimes.