Businesses Complicit in Crimes Against Humanity in Syria

Throughout the ongoing war in Syria, businesses have provided the Assad regime and its allies with the means to commit atrocities against its own people. Syrian companies and businessmen recruited, paid and even commanded pro-regime private militias that worked with Assad’s military to murder, torture, plunder and displace Syrians on a massive scale. Businesses also manufactured weapons, such as barrel bombs, that killed tens of thousands of Syrians, and pillaged property left behind by those who fled the violence.

So far, there has been no systematic attempt to hold these perpetrators to account. US and EU sanctions have targeted key Syrian businesspeople, isolating them from global markets. But these men and their partners abroad have not faced a trial in any court for their participation in international crimes. The Docket works to end this impunity and obtain meaningful redress for victims by gathering evidence against perpetrators of international crimes to trigger civil or criminal cases, as well as to encourage the imposition of financial penalties and other sanctions against them.