World Press Freedom Day Look Ahead


On World Press Freedom Day, here are some of the trials we are watching this month:


Next hearing in the case of Muhammad Asrul, a journalist in Indonesia who faces up to ten years in prison under the country’s controversial Electronic Information and Transactions Law for articles reporting on alleged corruption by a local political figure.


Verdict expected in the trial of Paul Chouta, a journalist in Cameroon who has already spent nearly two years in detention while his trial on speech-related charges has been inexplicably delayed.

MAY 10

Next hearing in the case of Tam Tak-chi, a radio host and opposition leader in Hong Kong facing several charges, including under Hong Kong’s colonial-era sedition law for shouting protest chants such as “Liberate Hong Kong” at booths he set up around Hong Kong between March and July 2020.

MAY 16

Next hearing in the case of Hopewell Chin’ono, a journalist in Zimbabwe who faces up to ten years in prison for promoting a demonstration against corruption on social media, tweeting for instance that “Zimbabweans have been complaining about the LOOTING of their public funds…@jngarivhume and many others to come have put their hands up & said they will lead anti-looting demo on 31 July. Spread the word RETWEET.”

MAY 18

Next hearing in the case of Omar Radi, a journalist in Morocco known for his criticism of the authorities and who was previously convicted of insulting the judiciary following a flawed trial. He now faces charges of rape and espionage – charges that were brought against the backdrop of a “number of Moroccan journalists and human rights activists hav[ing] been prosecuted for criticizing the king or exposing corruption.”